About this blog  

Too often the US bio-pharmaceutical industry's communications are seen as a bit stuffy and formulaic. Not to be too defensive, but there is a pretty good reason: we're under greater scrutiny than many other industries—and rightly so. We're in the healthcare business, and what could be more important than the health of your child, parent, spouse, partner, friend or neighbor? Healthcare is an incredibly personal and emotional issue, and we ask doctors and patients to put a great deal of faith in what we say and the products we make. 

And though healthcare is our business, our mission is about more than medicine. It's about trying to make sure that patients have access to the best care, treatment, and medicines available. It's about doctors and other prescribers being able to match the right patient with the right medicine. It's about each of us doing our very best to build healthy communities where we live and work and to lead healthy lifestyles ourselves. It’s about being a good partner, enabling our employees to take time off to volunteer in their communities, and helping those most in need through our range of programs.

That's why we started this blog.  Our goal is to encourage an open, productive discussion about a range of topics related to GSK. And we're going to try and do our best to provide a perspective that doesn't sound like it's written in "legalese." But, be sure to read our Comments Policy to be familiar with the rules. 

About the editor

Michael McTigue, our blog editor, works in GSK's corporate communications group.