Philly Science Fest: STEM education on the Parkway!


Water, liquids (such as oil, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, milk, ammonia, lemon juice, orange juice and seltzer water), liquid soap, honey, syrup, mustard, diluted red cabbage, baking soda, cream of tartar, and Alka-Seltzer.

No it's not a shopping list. This is the list of "waste products" that will result from the experiments GSK scientists will perform on April 21 at the Philadelphia Science Fest "Carnival" on the Ben Franklin Parkway. Who says STEM (science-technology-engineering-math) education only takes place in a classroom?

Ever wondered about the science behind making new medicines?  Want to find out what happens in a chemistry or biology lab?  Join us in the interactive GlaxoSmithKline booth and learn how the science of everyday materials relates to pharmaceutical research!  Visitors can talk to GSK research scientists, watch exciting and colorful chemistry demonstrations, and perform fun experiments... including solid-liquid separations, density analysis, pH testing, and chemical reactions!

I attended the preview of the Science Fest last night at the Franklin Institute. I saw a woman (pictured above) make a really cool Brady Bunchish table volcano, guy with a robotic-looking arm thing, a woman holding an owl on her shoulder (presumably talking about interesting things owls do--I couldn't hear her), learned about Mayan culture, and participated in an olive-oil tasting (and learned about why good olive oil burns your throat).

This is going to be very cool. If you're in Philadelphia on April 21, stop by the Parkway (hopefully the weather will cooperate).