Putting patients first every day

What would you do if you were diagnosed with an acute illness and needed immediate treatment, but you couldn't afford to fill your prescription? Or you developed a chronic condition for which effective treatment was available, but you couldn't afford to stay on it?

Today there are 44 million people in the US with incomes below the Federal Poverty Level and far more who have trouble paying for healthcare, even if they get help from a government program like Medicare.

Even though we know the importance of taking medicines as they are prescribed, financial hardships and lack of prescription coverage often cause patients to go without their medicines, or to stretch their treatment in ways that could jeopardize their health.

As a member of the GSK Patient Assistance Team, I am proud to help patients receive their medicines. 

GSK has one of the largest patient assistance programs in the industry.  Last year close to half a million patients accessed our medicines, and we fill the equivalent of about 2.7 million 30-day prescription fills provided every year. We offerprogramsthat provide GSK medicines at little or no cost for eligible patients.

Beyond the facts and figures, we know our programs make a real difference by the many thank you cards, letters, and calls we receive on a daily basis. We hear regularly from patient assistance enrollees who submit comments like "Your caring and generosity make life more bearable for people like me with medical problems" and "[I] won't give up the fight [against cancer]. So glad you were there when I needed the help."

Recently my team received a thank you with a picture of newborn baby enclosed. It was from a grandmother who received help from our patient assistance program for cancer medicines, and she was thrilled to be alive to witness the birth of her granddaughter! I have the best job in the company managing our patient assistance programs and I am so proud to work for a company like GSK that truly puts the patient first and helps them do more, feel better and live longer!