3 billion tablets donated in fight against LF and intestinal worm infections


Through GSK's global commitment to fight lymphatic filariasis (LF) and intestinal worm infection, we just donated our three billionth albendazole tablet to help people in need.Over 500 million people have been treated for LF since the start of the program.

The tablet, shipped from our manufacturing facility in Cape Town, is destined for the Philippines as part of their national effort to eliminate LF.

Our donation of albendazole is part of our global effort to help rid the world of LF, a tropical disease (also known as elephantiasis) that is a leading cause of permanent disability and disfigurement.In 1998 we committed to donate as much albendazole as necessary to every country that needs it.

This is a fantastic achievement and one that we're proud of. Working in close collaboration with the World Health Organization, we estimated that approximately six billion treatments would be required for the global elimination effort. So, roughly speaking, we are halfway there in fighting this devastating disease. This is a great team effort and my thanks to everybody involved.

The achievement of this milestone was made possible with expert support along each essential step of the way: from procurement of the tablet ingredients, to manufacture in our Cape Town and Nashik factories, to shipment to 66 countries around the world. 

What a milestone!