Quality content on quality measures

This week, GSK was excited to see the launch of the American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) Roundtable, "The Quality Enterprise: What is it? Where is it going? And how will it be affected by healthcare reform."This virtual roundtable, which we sponsored, features a range of experts discussing the US healthcare system, and the opportunities to come together to provide better, more efficient healthcare.

At this point, I think all of us in the US realize that our healthcare system is going through a period of dramatic change. In state capitols and on Capitol Hill, policy makers continue to face the difficult task of providing access to care that delivers on both quality and cost-effectiveness.In hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices, payers and providers are responding to the demand for quality and value, and determining how these can be measured and aligned to payments in the system.The pharmaceutical industry is challenged to demonstrate the value its products provide to patients. 

The purpose of this project was to provide an introduction on what we call the "quality enterprise"--all of the various elements that need to be considered when thinking about what makes up a quality healthcare experience. The program also looked at how quality is factored into how healthcare is paid for, the need for standard quality measures, rather than fragmentation, and real-life experiences from experts across the healthcare system. 

To be successful in shifting the way we think about our health, the healthcare industry and the government must come together to find consensus for how to measure--and report--if patients are receiving quality care.

The move towards measuring healthcare quality can be overwhelming.While we all want what is best for patients, this new world will involve some tough decisions, a willingness to collaborate, significant investments, and a steep learning curve for all of us. 

Our hope is that tools like the AJMC roundtable will provoke some insightful discussions about what quality means to many different organizations, and how it can be implemented.