Healthy Bronx

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How would you describe a healthy community?Some disadvantaged children from the Bronx came together to discuss what a healthy community means to them. They dreamt of a healthy Bronx, and their conversations and concepts made it to canvas. That's it in the pic up there):

This important painting was displayed at a new health center built by Children's Health Fund--a longstanding GlaxoSmithKline partner that provides health care to the nation's most medically underserved children, including children in the Bronx.

And while the children dreamt of a healthy Bronx, my GlaxoSmithKline colleagues and I have traveled to other cities throughout the country engaging in very similar conversations. We're asking community leaders: what are the barriers and opportunities for building healthier communities in the US?We've had conversations in Philadelphia, PA (September 2012), St. Louis, MO (December 2012; my blog on evidence-based partnerships here), and this week in Denver, CO.These conversations bring together hundreds of community stakeholders as we drill-down on ways we might work together to foster healthier communities in those cities.

The children's vision for their community was clear - safe places to play, healthy food to eat, and clean air to breathe. Their vision certainly made an impression on me and will be a part of my thinking going forward.

Speak up! How do you describe a healthy community? Comment here, or tweet it using #HealthyCommunity. And be sure to tune into the livestreamed event from Denver on February 6!