GSK supports US patient-centered research

GSK received some exciting news yesterday--three of our employees were named to the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute's (PCORI) newly-created Advisory Boards.As the person on point for coordinating GSK's efforts on comparative effectiveness research, I was thrilled when the email announcing their appointments popped up in my inbox.This news means that my capable colleagues will have the opportunity to inform PCORI's efforts to determine the evidence patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals in the US need to make better-informed healthcare decisions.

Comparative effectiveness research compares the benefits and risks of different ways to prevent, diagnose, treat and monitor a medical condition or to improve the delivery of care.This type of research has received a significant boost under the Affordable Care Act, which established PCORI as an independent, non-profit organization authorized by Congress in 2010. PCORI is projected to fund roughly $300 million annually in comparative effectiveness research.And its importance is expected to grow over time.

PCORI received 1,295 applications for the 84 available spots.Of those, four were granted to pharmaceutical industry representatives--including two GSK employees David, a Health Outcomes Liaison, National Accounts, has been appointed to the panel for "Improving Health Care Systems;"and Priti, a Senior Director in US Health Outcomes, who was appointed to the panel for "Assessment of Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options." Jill, a Senior Director of Clinical Effectiveness, was selected as an alternate.

The advisory panels are not responsible for setting PCORI's policies, but are considered critical to the organization's ongoing efforts.

The nomination of three GSK employees is a testament to their expertise, as well as our company's commitment to helping healthcare professionals and payers determine which treatment options are most effective for which patients under what circumstances.

We also have to acknowledge that we're in good company!  On behalf of all of us at GSK, congratulations to all of those appointed to the PCORI Advisory Panels. Together we're making a meaningful difference in our nation's health.