GSK and Save the Children: an ambitious partnership

GSK CEO Sir Andrew Witty and Save the Children CEO Justin Forsyth visit a family in Wajir, north east Kenya, to launch a unique new partnership to help save one million children's lives.

Today, we announced an ambitious new partnership with Save the Children to save the lives of a million of the poorest children in the world.

While good progress has been made in recent years, almost seven million children die each year through lack of access to basic healthcare, vaccines or nutritious food. Through these and other initiatives, the partnership aims to help save the lives of one million children in the next five years. We're working together in a very different way--sharing expertise, resources, reach and influence to tackle some of the leading causes of childhood deaths.

GSK and Save the Children have been working together for eight years on a number of public health projects, including our initiative to reinvest 20% of the profits we make in the least-developed-countries in community programs to strengthen healthcare infrastructure, primarily through the training of community health workers. We've even sent a number of employees to work with them for extended assignments through our employee volunteer program called PULSE.

Ivy, who works in our Philadelphia office, recently returned from a PULSE assignment with Save the Children. Watch her describe why she is so excited about this new collaboration.