The power of your story


In the work that I do to ensure GSK is an inclusive environment with a diverse employee population, I believe that one of the ways to change culture is through the stories we tell. The theme of the 11th Annual Multicultural Women's National Conference last week in New York City was "Living Out Loud: The Power of Your Story." Coordinated by Working Mother Media, it brings together individuals from different corporations all interested in exploring ways that women from different cultural backgrounds can grow and advance their careers.

I had the privilege of attending the conference this year with 13 dynamic and diverse colleagues from GSK. As one of a couple dozen men at the conference, hearing the interesting and diverse stories of women's personal and professional journeys was truly amazing.

Our company is committed to the growth and development of diverse talent. A crucial component of how we develop our employees relies on a strong commitment from senior leaders to help them achieve their full potential.

An excellent example of this support is the participation of Deirdre Connelly as one of the three executives on the Trailblazer Panel. The panel's focus was for senior executive women to share their personal stories, highlighting important influencers, key decisions and career-shaping experiences. As I listened to Deirdre's story, I appreciated her authenticity, her passion for family and work and her perspective on being fully 'present' at all times. Deirdre also spent time with GSK women attending the conference where everyone shared their stories--truly living out loud.