GSK and government leaders salute a legend


Emily is recognized for her role in launching the Math and Science Coalition by the Philadelphia Education Fund.





Emily Gerasimoff, a long-time leader of GSK’s community efforts in Philadelphia, retires this week after 42 years of service with the company. 42 YEARS! She's legendary. The impact of Emily’s work can be felt far and wide, both throughout the Philadelphia region and across GSK.

In fact, Emily received congratulatory wishes from several luminaries including Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

Governor Corbett wrote that Emily has been “a source of knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm, and the contributions you have made will be missed by all with whom you worked and by those you have served.”

And Mayor Nutter wrote “On behalf of the City of Philadelphia, I commend you on a remarkable lifetime of career contributions and thank you for all you have done to give back to the great City. You have my best wishes for a healthy, fulfilled, and rewarding retirement.”

Our CEO, Sir Andrew Witty, joined in praise of Emily’s career in GSK’s Community Partnerships, saying “I am proud to have a colleague like you, who each day puts a recognizable face on GSK’s good work.”

We couldn’t agree more. Bon voyage, Emily—you’re an inspiration to us all!