Learning from others on the #probono Twitter chat

Employee volunteering is embedded in our culture. We've established company-wide programs ranging from a single day of service for all employees to long-term PULSE assignments (up to 6 months) that match the professional skills of our employees with nonprofit needs. We're engaging more and more in this area as we see (and measure) value for our employees, nonprofits, the communities they serve, and our company.


But we're not the only company trying to find new and more meaningful ways to be a good citizen. In order to learn more about what other companies are doing and, in return, share some of our lessons learned, we participated in a Twitter chat last Friday during Pro Bono Week. The chat, hosted by A Billion Plus Change, included companies from across the business spectrum and reached more than a million Twitter accounts.

For a more in-depth look at the conversation, including a line-by-line outline of the Q& A session, check out the Storify of the chat below created by Points of Light: