To the power of 9...

There is a kind of magic that can happen when a business and a nonprofit team-up to tackle a tough community issue. So, just think of what can come from a partnership between a business and not one, but eight, nonprofits.

At GSK, we believe the results of a partnership can be exponentially greater when the organizations come together in a very intentional way and commit to a common agenda. In Denver, we are bringing organizations together for a greater collective impact.

We’re excited to announce The Youth-Driven Healthy Recreation Centers Collective, an innovative 18-month partnership supported by a $500,000 GSK IMPACT Grant, and led by LiveWell Colorado. The partnership between GSK and eight nonprofits will engage youth as change agents for a healthier community in three Denver neighborhoods: Globeville, Elyria-Swansea and Northeast Denver.

The collective includes the following organizations:

Together, we will work to improve healthy eating and active living among a target population of disadvantaged youth (ages 12-18) and this will contribute to a healthier Denver. Watch this video to hear how this partnership will make a difference.

Yesterday, we held a public event to introduce our partnership to the Denver community and ensure that those who wish to be a part of this dynamic work are able to do so. During the event, we coordinated a robust community discussion to garner feedback and input from neighborhood residents to help ensure that we leverage all community assets.

We intend to share what we learn widely and build a model that can be replicated. To help us measure our performance against objectives, Spark Policy Institute is serving as the Evaluation Partner. They will also ensure ongoing learning and course corrections throughout the partnership.

The Youth-Driven Healthy Recreation Centers Collective believes our results will be “to the power of nine,” and that this work can be replicated in other communities throughout Colorado and across the country.

Watch our introductory video and tell us what you think about our collective impact approach for building a healthier Denver.