We like food – particularly fresh food from the farm

Exciting fresh produce!

Exciting fresh produce!

If you follow us on Twitter (@GSKUS), you may have noticed an increased use of the word “excited.” We are excited about meetings (like the Melanoma Summit) and charitable programs (like the Impact Awards). We're even excited to be in the business of bioelectronics. I take full responsibility for this and promise to switch up our vocab in the future -- but the amount of exciting things simply hasn't decreased since my first blog post. Even today, I’m excited to head to the Navy Yard atrium where I can pick up my second farm share delivery of fresh fruit and veggies.

Strawberries, rhubarb, cage-free eggs, mmmm….

In mid-May we kicked off our partnership with the Delaware Valley Farm Share, coordinated by our former Impact Award winner Common Market. The share provides seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables to participating GSK Navy Yard employees. This year we have over 75 participants receiving a delivery every other week.


What’s even cooler? In addition to providing employees with the farm share option, we've established a buy-one-give-one opportunity as part of our focus on building healthier communities and a healthier Philadelphia. For each share a GSK employee purchased, we've donated a share to a local family in-need. This contribution totaled $25,000 and provides 77 local families in need with the same biweekly share of fruits and veggies that participating employees will receive.