A healthier future needs to start now

Where you live has an impact on your health.

Where you live has an impact on your health.

Our health begins where we live, learn, work, and play. This belief inspired the design of a new $5 million charitable grant, administered by the Philadelphia Foundation, to encourage a healthier Philadelphia.  

The GSK IMPACT grant for Philadelphia is from a fund that was established in 2011 to benefit young people in Philadelphia. The grant will provide support over three years to nonprofit organizations that work together to encourage healthy living among young people. (We’re accepting applications starting today – find out more, review eligibility criteria, and apply: www.philafound.org/gskIMPACT.)

We announced the grant today while a US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Business Delegation was meeting at our building at the Navy Yard. This two-day delegation brings together business delegates with experts and practitioners in the field of public health to discuss the critical connection between our health and our community – with the belief that the more we understand this connection the more we can improve it. 

When we talk ’healthy communities,’ there’s no place more pressing for us than Philly.”
— Donna Altenpohl, GSK

“We work in one of the healthiest buildings in America, situated in one of the least healthy counties in America,” said Donna Altenphol, VP US Public Policy, at today’s announcement. “We have 5,000 employees living and working in this area. So when we talk ’healthy communities,’ there’s no place more pressing for us than Philly.”

The aim of the grant is to address some of the biggest community health challenges in Philadelphia. We will support nonprofit organizations that partner with and engage kids as the agents for change. 

We hope that with this grant we can help advance promising, long-term solutions that will enable disadvantaged young people to live healthier lives, while also preparing them to be successful as the next generation workforce. 

The GSK IMPACT Grant for Philadelphia is one of several charitable programs GSK offers as part of a commitment to building healthier communities in Philadelphia and across the nation.