A summer in review - top 10 blogs from this summer

We've been busy this summer. From debunking myths about skin cancer to hacking the nervous system, we're excited to pull together a summary of our top 10 summer highlights:

  1. Kids were extracting DNA from strawberries and sitting on clouds while attending GSK Science in the Summer

  2. Bioelectronics made us question if the nervous system can be hacked

  3. The mosquitos kept fighting but we remained determined to stop malaria

  4. Summer presented an opportunity to debunk common myths about skin cancer 

  5. The GSK Opportunity Scholarships in Philadelphia Research Triangle Park were awarded to 10 students who overcame hardships to pursue their dreams

  6. Camp Wonder and Camp Happy Days helped children forget about their illnesses 

  7. The 20-year high for cases of measles in the US had Dr. Leonard Friedland reflecting

  8. GSK announced a $5 million Impact Grant for Philadelphia

  9. California Chrome wore a signature equine nasal strip to help him breathe better 

  10. Employee volunteerism inspired an innovation challenge