The path to cures

While many of us have plans to head out early today for a long Labor Day weekend, leaders from Capitol Hill, GSK, NIH, FDA, and beyond will head to Lancaster, PA to participate in a roundtable discussion hosted by Congressional members of the Energy & Commerce Committee on an exciting bi-partisan initiative called 21st Century Cures. Led by Health Sub-Committee Chairman Joe Pitts (R-PA, 16th district), the roundtable will feature an impressive line-up of speakers on an issue critical to improving care in the US – accelerating the discovery, development and delivery of promising new medicines to patients and maintaining the country’s leadership and competitive innovation edge.  

Along with GSK’s Dr. Lon Cardon, SVP, Alternative Discovery and Development, participants will include Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the NIH, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner of the FDA, and other industry and academic thought leaders.

Dr. Cardon will share insights into GSK’s innovative approaches to R&D, our vision for the future of drug discovery and development, and our thoughts on barriers for bringing novel treatments to patients in need. A critical opportunity of particular interest to us as a company is harnessing rapidly-evolving health information technology and real world evidence developments to ensure more robust discovery and clinical development programs, as well as appropriate communication to decision makers, such as health plans and accountable care organizations.

We applaud the Energy and Commerce Committee’s leadership and efforts to create a channel within Congress to solicit proposals for tackling such lofty and multi-faceted scientific issues.  We are looking forward to an exciting conversation and stand ready for continued discussions in the future. Join us online! Check out C-SPAN coverage and follow the conversation on Twitter using #path2cures.