RTP IMPACT Award winners - Making where we live a healthier place

Research shows that the length and quality of life differs between zip codes. So, neighborhoods that are mere miles apart might be years apart in life expectancy.

Where we live matters to our health. Having a safe, comfortable place to come home to reduces our stress. Living near transportation helps our productivity when commuting to work. Growing up in a well-lit, safe neighborhood enables our kids to play outdoors and remain active. And growing old in a family home let's us remain independent as we age. 

A social, connected, and supportive community is a healthier community.  That’s why we are recognizing 10 amazing RTP nonprofits who are making the places where we live (and learn, and work, and play) healthier with GSK IMPACT Awards.  

Let’s meet the 2015 winners:

Thanks to this year’s GSK IMPACT Award winners for making our communities healthier places to live, learn, work and play!

Learn more about the GSK IMPACT Awards for the Research Triangle Park Region.