Catching the wave of innovation

I recently visited the Salk Institute here in San Diego and was reminded of Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine and the tremendous impact it has had on polio eradication and human healthcare. In 1954, there were 35,000 new cases of polio reported in the US. After his vaccine had been used for 7 years, the number of new cases was down to just 161. This was a truly remarkable achievement.

That kind of innovation is what we are hoping to find and nurture through the opening of our newest R&D satellite in San Diego. San Diego is one of the densest biomedical research communities in the world and our West Coast Satellite is an ideal location for us to find new opportunities earlier and to be part of the conversations on the next great scientific and medical breakthroughs.

Our new satellite is not just an office space but rather a portal for our current and future partners to access GSK resources and capabilities in our R&D organization. Making connections, knowing which opportunities to seek out, and being a bridge to our global R&D function is incredibly exciting to me. And the opportunity to work with Nobel laureates and entrepreneurs to develop potentially life-changing medicines is exhilarating.  

We believe the next wave of medicines will come from collaborations with academia, biotechnology companies, and the venture community. We are ready for the next Jonas Salk to visit our satellite and share his or her vision on how we can change the face of modern medicine together.