20ft smashed-out cigarette in Times Square anchors Smoke Swap event

Our 20-foot tall smashed-out cigarette in Times Square encourages smokers to quit.

Our 20-foot tall smashed-out cigarette in Times Square encourages smokers to quit.

Every smoker has a reason for how they started smoking, but today we're learning why they want to quit.

This Sunday, May 31, we'll join many others in supporting World No Tobacco Day. In order to raise awareness of this important day, our smoking cessation brands (Nicorette® and NicoDerm® CQ®) are hosting a Smoke Swap event in New York's Times Square today, today from 6 AM to 7 PM.

The event, which will be anchored by a 20-foot (!!) smashed-out cigarette, will encourage smokers to share and celebrate who or what motivates them to quit.

All smokers who want to jump-start a quit attempt will receive support from smoking cessation experts and free quit-smoking product and resources, including a starter pack of Nicorette® gum or NicoDerm® CQ® patches and a support materials. 

We want to help every smoker in his or her effort to quit by providing tools and resources, like Nicorette® and NicoDerm® CQ®, which have helped millions of smokers all over the world.
— Lisa Maxwell Anekwe, GSK Consumer Healthcare

“Dancing with the Stars’” Mark Ballas, who quit smoking more than one year ago, and his mother, world-renowned ballroom dancer and former 40-year smoker Shirley Ballas, will be on site from 2-4 PM meeting fans, providing quit tips and taking the stage for a dance performance. 

Smokers motivated to quit can join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #whatsyourwhy. For helpful information about quitting and to connect with other smokers interested in quitting, smokers can sign up for our email support program at Quit.com.