Healthy food is good medicine

Wellness Wednesday sounds a little like one of those holidays dreamed up by greeting card companies to encourage you to buy and send more greeting cards. But wellness can be many things to many people and not all of them are commercial.

For me, Wellness Wednesday coincides with the mid-week Farmer’s Market in my area. That means an opportunity to shop for summertime fruits, herbs, and vegetables from local, sustainable farms. I can’t imagine how to resist the lure of golden, ruby, purple and striped tomatoes or fragrant peaches and basil. And I can’t imagine any more positive way to support wellness than healthy food.

Once you’re hooked on the market as a source of great food, it’s even more fun when you get to know the farmer or family who raise your food. Ben is my local farmer - the bacon, eggs, and pork chops he sells taste better than anything you’ll find in a store. He left a faculty position at a major university to set an example of good environmental stewardship, sustainable practices, and humane animal treatment.

My other farmer friend is Judy, who not only shares what she grows but also her cooking experience with recipes and meal plans. She’s part of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm, which means I invest in the farm upfront by buying a “share” in the winter and then receiving a box of produce each week during the summer. It has encouraged me to keep cooking fresh foods and keep trying new vegetables. (The most difficult to love so far has been kohlrabi but I’m still trying.) I look forward to what surprises await in my weekly “share.”

So here’s a Wellness Wednesday challenge... Get outside and get to your local farmers’ market this Wednesday. Find something that smells delicious, something colorful that your eyes can’t resist, and your stomach will enjoy. Find a vegetable that you’ve never tried and then buy it and cook it. Even better, buy some veggies for a neighbor or an older person who can’t get to the market. They’ll appreciate the effort and be healthier for it too.

After all, healthy food is good medicine!