On the job training: thoughts from our 2015 interns

Summer Intern Recruitment has begun at GSK!  See what former interns had to share about their experience last year...

My name is Greg Stinson and I'm a senior electrical engineering major at the University of Maryland College Park. My internship at GSK was in Global Manufacturing & Supply working on updating software, increasing data collection, and increasing production line efficiency.

My time with GSK allowed me to develop personally while making a contribution to the company. It’s an amazing feeling to know that your projects have an impact on patients. 

I was able to network with a range of GSK employees, from line operators all the way up to the site’s director. Each connection came with a new positive experience and opportunity to grow professionally.

My favorite project during my 12-week internship was increasing my site's production line efficiency. I worked closely with external designers, site leads, and engineering staff to propose, develop, and implement a new product infeed guide. With this implementation, we were able to reduce the amount of line stops and increase efficiency overall.

Projects like these have given me the real world experiences that can't be acquired in a classroom setting. Also, my internship with GSK has given me the skills necessary to undertake other projects in the future.  

My name is Taylor Hammeke and I'm a senior marketing major at the University of Connecticut. My internship at GSK was in the Enterprise Tools group where I composed communications to the sales force, led the new joiner introductory training, and performed analysis on projects to identify time and cost saving opportunities. 

I had a fantastic experience during my summer internship both in the workplace and during extracurricular activities. In fact, I was fortunate to be the intern ambassador at the Navy Yard location, organizing intern social events. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • GSK softball team: The group had games once a week - it was a great way to meet co-workers. 
  • Volunteering: Our team did a day of service (Orange Day) at Philabundance, a nonprofit that feeds 70,000 people in the Delaware Valley each week. 
  • Lunches: The interns often got together for lunch. Thursdays were the best though - food trucks would line the Navy Yard parade grounds and we would have fun trying different foods together.

Throughout the course of the summer the interns at the Navy Yard became close and it was very comforting to have friendly faces our age around the office and people to get together with after work. We were able to explore Philadelphia together and learn more about the projects each of us are working on. Through my internship, I obtained a breadth of experience, learned a lot about the company, and made great relationships!