From North Carolina to Brazil to Australia…the butterfly effect in action

The butterfly effect is a theory that one small action can create a ripple effect that brings about widespread change. The name stems from an MIT meteorologist who suggested that a massive storm might have its roots in the faraway flapping of a tiny butterfly's wings.

This is how I think of GSK’s pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Zebulon, North Carolina…a single tablet made on a production line here can be shipped out to patients in need around the world. Multiply that by millions of tablets (or millions of inhaler devices, also manufactured here) that are shipped around the world, and the impact is phenomenal!

That’s why I was excited to join NC Governor Pat McCrory, GSK’s Zebulon Site Head John Bolla and GSK’s US Pharma President Jack Bailey for an inside look at the Zebulon facility. The Zebulon site is expanding with a new production line for our respiratory medicines. The expansion also means adding 140 employees.

Expanding the facility, adding employees and manufacturing and packaging more medicines means a long term positive economic impact for North Carolina. And just like the butterfly’s wings, it means more patients around the world may feel the effect.