Building a better biopharm

Today, our CEO, Sir Andrew Witty, joins Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel and Dr. Margaret Hamburg at the Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS) for a frank conversation about how the pharmaceutical industry can better support improved affordability, access, quality, and innovation in healthcare.

For close to a decade, GSK has taken steps to get at the heart of how our industry operates – embracing transparency by proactively disclosing data from clinical trials, changing the way we compensate our sales force  to reward their expertise rather than traditional sales targets; and stopping the practice of paying external healthcare providers to speak about our medicines and vaccines to their peers. We’ve pursued new approaches to broaden access to products to medicines for HIV and vaccine-preventable diseases to a much wider population, and we continue to seek to improve affordability.

Change has not been without its challenges. But we’ve not lost sight of our goal: ensure we’re making the right decision for patients and for our business to ensure we can achieve our mission to help people live longer, better lives. 

The healthcare industry faces significant challenges.  How can the R&D based industry further evolve to ensure that patients are benefiting from world-class science, and what needs to be done to ensure patients are getting the care and medicines they need?

Andrew will address these questions and more at CSIS, as we kick off a constructive dialogue to find common ground, address the twin goals of incentivizing innovation and increasing access, and re-establish trust in the pharmaceutical industry.

Watch the event at CSIS and read more about our changes on our website.